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Thank you Lena for giving me support, motivation, and tools to help me navigate this change and turn it into a growth opportunity!

So happy, I’ve build my personal brand and learnt how to set goals, negotiate, and prioritise the right tasks for better results.

I’m now more focused on what I really want in my work and life.

Klaudia O., Regional Manager Eastern Europe, Warsaw
I was feeling overworked and wanted to reconnect to myself.

Growing with you has been very helpful and encouraging for me.I noticed positive results in my life since the very first coaching session!

Skype meetings are so easy, I enjoyed speaking openly with you from my house in Munich!

Juan Manuel U., International Consultant, Munich
I was feeling stuck and confused about what to do in my life after graduation.

Lack of confidence and fear of the future were waking me up at night… But thanks to you, I’m now more self-aware, feel more secure about my choices and myself! Grazie! 🙂

Francesca L.P., Finance, Lugano
I’ve got more positive attitude and approach towards life after discovering my talents and building my personal brand with you!

Your coaching programs are very appealing and clear. You’re professional, friendly and I value your openness and emotions more than anything else!

Luciano C., Senior Public Official, The Hague
I wanted to advance and grow professionally. I was looking for a workplace where I can truly express myself and get satisfaction, and I did.

I successfully moved from public to private sector and also started writing my blog!

Lena, you helped me so much and this will never ever be forgotten!!! As we say in Latin…PER ASPERA AD ASTRA!!! (From difficult times to the stars!!!) I loved your direct, concrete, and open approach!

Andrea C., International Trade Expert, Brussels
Wow Lena! It’s been a wonderful journey for me !! I’m so glad I did this for myself and so glad I did it with YOU !

Coaching with you has opened new doors and offered a new perspective on my life after my burnout.

Thank you for your great listening skills and all your advices. You are a very fresh and vibrant person and communicate so well! 🙂

Ariane L., Senior HR Expert, Brussels
I was tired of a bad atmosphere at work and wanted to explore new possibilities. I wanted to carve some time just for me and discuss my next career steps.

Lena’s programs are great for those who have no idea what they want to do, and also for these people who are aware of their talents but need help to better name and express them!

Emilia J., Manager in Energy Sector, Brussels
Lena helped me better organise my own life, and bring more balance to it.

She can help you find your own path and make you a more effective communicator (and an even better listener)! Lena is passionate and always adapt content to you with practical, relevant examples!

Matteo M., Manager in Tech Sector, Brussels
If you find yourself in such a moment of your life where you don’t see clearly a solution for your future, or don’t know where to start, or you just need some powerful motivation with lifelong benefits, go for Lena’s coaching programs.

What I loved the most was Lena’ s smile, her availability to listen and to really adapt the exercises and the content of sessions to my needs and preferences.

Livia E., EU Public Official, Brussels
My employees were both young and at the beginning of their career, so I wanted to provide them with tools and enable them to acquire some methods to work on their personal development.

As I attended a session given by Lena I thought she had the right approach for these two talents.

I think she could play an important role in helping young people who are moving the first steps in their career or support those who are considering a radical change of their lives.

In both cases, she can provide you with a methodology and a mental approach to face the new challenges ahead.

For those settled in their career and not necessarily looking for new changes, she can provide the extra motivation and enthusiasm to accomplish their goals.

Andrea P., Managing Director & Founder, Brussels
I was fed-up doing the same over and over again without any purpose, so I contacted Lena.

Besides coaching me with my short-term goals and giving me tons of advice in a way I could easily take in, her advise for long-term and more personal projects has helped me grow – professionally and personally to reach some of the dreams I never thought possible.

I landed in a new job that I love AND I also finished writing my book which I’m now having proofread and translated. Dreams come true if you believe and act!

Emilia V., Public Affairs Expert and Blogger, Brussels
I was frustrated and demotivated about my job. I wanted to start my own business and was looking for assistance/mentorship to develop the right approach and follow a path that leads to results.

After speaking with Lena on Skype, it was clear to me that I have to engage in order to drive change!

I enjoyed working together. I’ve become more confident and gained the necessary clarity and direction on my environmentally conscious business. I’m focused on leveraging my talents, expertise and values to benefit my dream clients.

Lena can really help you “to make it happen” in an open, practical, and straightforward approach.

Patricia L., Entrepreneur, Brussels
I started working with Lena at the turning point in my life. It was a strange and confusing time. I was about to leave my corporate executive job and was trying to figure out my next step that would be fulfilling professionally, and most of all would maintain a good lifestyle for my family.

When I met with Lena for the first time, she was listening to me and helped me to think about myself and my job in a different, more expansive way.

I realised that I want to start my own business. She helped me made a significant shift and opened my mind to a plan B, which I discovered is better suited for me. Now, I’m doing what I love to do. I have time and location flexibility, and much more energy to share it with my family. I’m happy and confident about my choice.

Lena shared with me powerful strategies and growth resources and then helped me to take these insights to another level. Her positivity, guidance and strategic approach for my personal and business growth enabled me to navigate a challenging time in my life.

Simone C., Entrepreneur, Brussels

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