I wish I knew about it in my early twenties…or better yet, learnt such a practical life strategy at school.

It would save me: unnecessary stress, frustration, disappointment and anger.

I learnt it from Charles R. Swindoll and here is the lesson:

Life is about 10% what happens to me and 90% how I react.

Seriously. I tend to repeat this little sentence to myself whenever I feel challenged in my own life:  having a difficult conversation with my loved one, experiencing delays or flops when partnering in business or being stuck in a traffic and ready to curse, etc.

The list of such possible frustrations and disappointments in life can go on and on.

But let’s face it. In all of such daily situations we can’t control other people behaviours or external circumstances but what you and I can fully control are these:

  1. What you think about it
  2. How you feel about it
  3. How you respond to it .

You’re 100% in control of your own attitude.

It requires to take a little step back and focus on possible solutions rather than making an instant emotional response.

This could mean for instance that you:

  • Express your feelings without blaming or judging and be open to other person’s point of view.
  • Test your business partner’s commitment and skills before going full in.
  • Set an alarm to leave your home earlier and arrive in time for your appointments.

Remember, you’ve the greatest power of all: Your response.

Master your emotional intelligence by practicing 10/90 rule and save yourself some good energy that can be consumed in a more productive and fun way.

With so much love and appreciation,


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