This one experience and this one decision – have changed my life forever… and it can change yours too.

A few months ago, I went to have a dinner at my friend’s house. Just after we finished a delicious pasta, she showed me her little art studio in the attic.

Seeing her canvas and dirty paint brushes made me feel at home. I remember having this strong sensation in my heart and butterflies in my stomach, it was pure joy.

I simply couldn’t erase that feeling from my memory. Shortly after that dinner, I bought art supplies and started to paint again after fifteen years of break – with no big expectations, just following my intuition.

The result brought me into tears. Why?

Because I realized that day, that for many years I was resisting my passion.

By deciding to take action and following this little voice inside you that says “do it” – you’ll experience great happiness and inner-connection.

Now, is there something in your life that brings you so much joy but for whatever reason you stopped doing?

When was the last time when you were in the flow? Meaning doing something that when you do, you forget about reality and fully engage in the present moment?

This might give you a clue to your unique talent and your passion.

Today is “THE DAY” to start again. Joy awaits you. I believe in you.

Now, I’d love to learn your story.

  1. What is this thing that gives you so much joy? Is it writing, playing music, painting, cooking, dancing or … something else?

Tell me in the comments below.

With love and colours,


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