Love, kindness, and appreciation are –  those feelings that we should express and share with each other on a daily basis, right?

But what to do if despite your good intentions, your “love deeds” aren’t understood?

Could it be that when it comes to communicating love each of us uses a different language?

Gary Chapman in his phenomenal book “ The 5 Love Languages” discusses this topic.

Falling in love seems easier than keeping a relationship vibrant. It takes thought, time, effort and a deeper understanding of each other.

Your emotional love language and the language of your partner may be as different as Polish from English! 😉

Thankfully, there’s a way to keep your love tank full and if you aren’t currently in a relationship – this insight may bring you closer to one.

Here are 5 Love Languages, and you too have a prefered one:

#1 Words of Affirmation

#2 Quality Time

#3 Receiving Gifts

#4 Acts of Service

#5 Physical Touch

If you want to be sure, which love language you speak as well as what’s the language of your partner, take this free test and forward this post to your loved one. It will positively change your love life forever.

After taking this test, let me know:

  1. What’s your prefered love language?

  2. And how this insight may positively strengthen your current relationship or – if you’re single  – bring you closer to a new one?

Leave a comment below. Thank you!

With so much love,


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