Have you ever experienced a mental theatre called:  

“I’m not good enough…I’m not confident enough…”? 

I’m raising my hand too! 🙋‍♀️ Especially, in moments and times, when I’m about to start or experience something new in my business – the fear can be pretty loud.

Thankfully, there’s a way to deal with it.

This message will show you a way – how to not buy tickets for “this noisy theatre play” – and increase your self-confidence and happiness instead.

Let’s get into it.

In reality, every person on this planet experiences some situations, challenges or changes in life that require us to stretch, grow and adapt. 

This can at first look, feel or sound like too big, too scary, too different from the well-known or perhaps too uncomfortable.

It’s human and natural to have moments of self-doubt. 

But, it’s worth remembering what spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle teaches us: “You have a mind, but you’re not your mind. You’re also not the thoughts, you think in your mind.”

Absolutely! You’re much much more than that.

What I know for sure is – the better you know your talents, strengths and your inner resources – the easier is to believe in yourself and do what it takes to achieve your dreams.

Your self-confidence is directly proportionate to your self-knowledge. 

It increases together with your motivation as you start taking action steps towards that new situation, challenge or change.

As your competence to deal with “the new” improves based on the actions you’ve taken, so will your self-confidence. 

Believing in yourself is an attitude, it’s a choice. It means that you can learn it like any other behaviour.

Don’t waste your life, believing you can’t. Because you’re much more powerful and strong inside than you know! 💪🔥💖

With so much love and appreciation,


P.S. Got a friend or colleague who you deeply care about? Forward them this message. 💞

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