Are you fantasising about starting your own business but don’t know where to begin and how to go about it?

Then you’ll like this post.

No matter what’s your dream business is, there is 98% chance that your thing has already been done, created or built by someone else in the world.

I know, it may feel frustrating at first. You may even think – “Great, so why even bother starting it?” Please wait with a final conclusion.

Anything that you’ll do, build or create will have your unique perspective based on your unique set of skills, talents, experience, and vision. In this sense – it’ll be different because it’ll be yours.

However, knowing that someone else in the world has accomplished something quite similar to what you envisage offers you a wonderful case study that you should deeply research.

Don’t waste your time reinventing the wheel. Start your business faster and smarter.

He/She has left clues for you to unpack and shorten your learning curve in a form of: website, interviews, books, podcasts, videos, online courses, social media profiles, LinkedIn resume etc.

Take your time to analyse strategies, habits, and tactics of that business/role model and adapt them to your own vision.

The access to knowledge and information is now available 24/7 thanks to our dearest friends like Google & YouTube. And if you want to go deeper and even faster – see if you can meet with this person.

Now, it’s time for you!

  1. Is there a dream business you’ve been putting off because you don’t know quite frankly where to start? Where can you find your role model/s to learn from and keep moving forward?

Leave a comment below.

I know it may take time to find your blueprint, your role model/s and to map out their steps, but you’ll be astonished how easier is to act on your dream knowing how to go about it.

I believe in you and your dreams!

With love and excitement,


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