Are you glass-full or half-empty person?

Are you spending most of your days thinking about all the good things that will happen to you like new opportunities, learnings, and experiences OR focusing more on possible failures, criticism, boredom…?

If you’re tired of having too many negative thoughts – today’s insight can help.

Our brains are wonderful but they have limited capacity of what they can process at a time.

Think only about million of things that you daily hear and see in the news or on social platforms. Focusing and remembering EVERY piece of information from your external world would place your mind on a non-stop roller coaster. Not sustainable, right?

That’s why, we humans have this small piece in our brain called Reticular Activating System (RAS). It makes your brain pay attention to things you see, hear, smell, taste, and feel –  and filter against everything else that is coming to you from the external world.

RAS only filters information that is important to you. Now, how does it know what’s important to you? By what you focus on most.

Have you noticed that people who say repeatedly:

…I’m so bored at work…. AND they never find anything interesting.

…I have no time to pursue my interests… AND they actually never make the time for the things they want.

…I’m not confident …AND they never feel good enough.

Be careful what you focus on – RAS will point you to the right information to prove that this is true for you. If you want to experience more love, more kindness, more creativity and more confidence – you need to think, feel, and share more of these with the others.

Train your brain to stop getting hooked on the negatives. Focus on what you REALLY want in your life, and your mind will show you how to get there!

With love and appreciation,


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