Have you been dreaming of starting something new?

Is there a project in your career or life that you want so much — but yet postponing to start and waiting for a better moment to come?

Most people believe that what stops them from changing and starting something new is fear.

– Fear of not being good enough,

– Fear of failure,

– Fear of rejection,

– Fear of criticism,

– Fear of success

The list of possible fears can go on and on and all these can feel scary.

BUT, let me share with you the truth. These can ONLY scare you to the moment you realize this:

The fear never disappears and always activates like a magic stick whenever you want to do something differently, something new, something… you’ve been dreaming about your whole life. This is true for every human being.

In these moments of discomfort and self-doubt the best you can do is to accept it and face it.

Face it?!

YES, my dear. Fears have the most power over you when they live in the darkness, unexamined and not understood.When you bring your fears to the light, name them and talk about them with the others, they lose much of their power.

Ask yourself: “What’s the worst that can happen?”

Seriously, think of the worst case scenario possible. You can journal about it or share your ideas with a coach or a friend.

After doing this exercise, you’ll realize that even the worst case scenario:

  1. Rarely happens
  2. It’s not so terrible after all
  3. Can always be changed or re-worked
  4. You can often go back to your previous situation

Now, I’d love to hear from you.

  1. What would you like to start?
  2. And what has been stopping you until now?

Share this Blog with everyone you know who’s been having trouble dealing with fear. It may positively change their lives. ?

With love and appreciation,


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