Let’s get honest. Did perfectionism ever kill or slow down your projects?

Are you stopping yourself from bringing something important to life because you’re endlessly tweaking or polishing it?

Is it a business, a website, a blog, a book, a speech, a painting, a song, you name it … ?

Honestly, I’m raising my hand too.

We obviously have high standards. But when enough is enough? When is the time to stop and hit the publish or submit button?

It’s important to realize that, perfectionism is just a perception and everyone has a different one. Perfectionism sucks. Perfectionism is addictive. Perfectionism hampers success.

What I’ve learnt in the creative process and countless hours of trying to improve something is this: It’s more important to take small steps ahead than standing still being paralysed by perfectionism.

Showing up is enough. Doing the work is enough.

I love this line from Leonard Cohen’s song “There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.”

Everything can be “perfected” as you release it to the world, so stop waiting.Start small, start simple, but START. Be a badass, always choose progress over perfection.

With love and appreciation,


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