How often do you think and plan your own future?

Daily? Often? Never?

The truth is that future is just around the corner, whether we like it or not. Everything you decide to focus on and learn today – will create some sort of results in your near future. That’s why, it’s uber important to give your attention to what really matters.

There are lots of speculations out there what specifically the future of work will bring and how it’ll look like. It’s a massive topic that impacts all of us.

Here are 6 trends that I believe can give you an edge and help you thrive at work:

1. Organizations and businesses are required to think more like a laboratory and less like a factory. It’s all about developing ETI mindset – where you constantly explore, test, and innovate.

  • If you have an ability to easily adapt to the new – you’ll thrive in the organisations of the future.

2. Future of work doesn’t happen to you, it happens with you. It means that you can positively shape what’s coming next.

  • We have control, we can collectively influence how we’ll work in the future.

3. Gig economy and job hopping are the new reality. The number of external contractors and free-lancers are expected to grow fast leaving little room for full-time positions.

  • Now, it’s the best moment to start your own small business or a side hustle and think how you can position yourself to support and create value in bigger organizations.

4. Technology and mobility will continue to rise. Services and products designed using the latest technology with the end customer in mind will continue to thrive and make our reality easier, faster, and more intuitive.

  • Encourage your organization to or if you’re an entrepreneur – design and facilitate your offering with a human-centered approach.

5. Employee experience matters most for talent attraction, retention and company’s results. Companies are trying hard to build a working environment that will encourage best talents to join, create, and stay.

  • Now more than ever, your talents development and personal branding are vital to have a spectrum of interesting options to choose from and organizations luring you to engage with them.

6. Skills learning and re-training. We all need to marry to lifelong learning. Seriously. Investing time and energy in learning complex problem solving, negotiating, decision making, people management, critical thinking, and creativity are vital for your future work opportunities.

  • Learning and improving these skills will give you an edge and help you lead at work.

This isn’t a full list of trends – but a starting point to reflect, prepare, and brand yourself for the new reality in the world of work .

Now, I’d love to hear from you.

1. Which of those 6 points seems to you most important for your professional success?
2. And what’s the one small thing you can start doing as from today that will help you thrive in your work tomorrow?

Let me know in the comments below!

With love and optimism,


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