Are you dreaming of having your own business? Doing what you love, making money, and having freedom to work when and how you want it?

Like you, I love the spirit of learning, creating, improving, and mastering.

What excites you is:  having task variety, time flexibility, and work-life balance. You want to be recognised, leave a mark, make a difference, or change people’s life.

But you may also wonder – all these sound great but where to begin with?

These are 6 steps to follow when starting your own business that saved me tons of time, effort, and money.

Step 1: Choose something you have a strong passion for.

  • You’ve got to totally love what you do because you’ll be putting lots of time, energy, and effort into it. Especially, at the beginning when not everything may go as quickly and smoothly as you hope. Your success will depend on your enthusiasm, clear focus and trust in your bigger vision.

Step 2: Identify areas where you can add value.

  • Once you identified something you have a genuine passion for, you need to think what you can bring to this field that could improve usability and/or experience of the end customer. You need to ask yourself – What’s missing in my particular field? What isn’t being done?

Step 3: Visualise every single detail of your business.

  • Taking the time to build your business on paper is uber important. Human brain doesn’t recognize the difference between real or imagined pictures. What it does for you, it helps you identify solutions to get where you visualise to go. The more details you write down, the better.

Step 4: Master decision-making when evaluating risks and opportunities

  • Think of short and long-term goals. On two scales of 1 to 8 measure the 1) upside and 2) downside of making a particular decision and choose the one with a highest score.

Step 5: Take Massive Action

  • Decision without action is nothing. Your results depend on what you do and not on what you say you’ll do. ALWAYS choose action over stuck-tion!

Step 6: Learn From Obstacles

  • There will be problems, disappointments, rejections – all these are part of the game, they’re normal. Use them as your feedback and learn from them. If needed, shift your direction.

Now, it’s time for action (not stuck-tion) my dear! That’s right, take a first baby step towards your dream:

  1. What are you truly passionate about that can be turned into your business?

  2. How can you add more value than anyone else?

Let me know on the blog!

You’re here on this planet for a reason. I believe in your talents, potential, and dreams. Go out there and change the world!

With all my love,


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