Are you caring too much what others think about you?

Then, this message is for you.

You’re ready for a change in your life. You want to do something differently. BUT, there’s still this one small thing that’s been holding you back from taking the necessary action.

And that is: Worrying about criticism from your family, friends or colleagues.

You’re not alone.

Each of us experience situations and moments in our lives when what we do, say, or have become a topic of other people’s opinions.

It might be that you’ve decided to…

… stop complaining about your job and instead go after your dream,

… escape your comfort zone and start a business,

… or express and share your creativity in a form of writing, singing or painting… you name it!

Criticism has been here forever. A great Greek philosopher, Aristotle once said: “Criticism is something we can avoid easily by saying nothing, doing nothing, and being nothing.”

No matter what it is, that you’re trying to accomplish in your career or life and ESPECIALLY, if it’s something new, different, and requiring from you to go out of your comfort zone – it’ll meet some resistance from other people in your life.

Criticism has often nothing to do with you.  It works like a mirror reflection.

Anytime you do, say, or have what other person dearly wants (but hasn’t taken the necessary steps towards it yet) –  you get criticism, doubting comments, silent response, weird smiles … or any other strange reaction.

I’m not saying you should stop listening or totally ignoring these reactions. But what I’d like you to do is to start paying attention to these:

  • Is this criticism coming from a person who like you, is taking a new pathway in life and expanding her/his comfort zone?
  • OR from a person who might have big dreams as well, but hasn’t been brave enough to start acting on them yet?

Remember this – whether positive or critical, it’s ONLY an opinion. Everyone has a right to her/his opinion.

Whenever you find yourself at the receiving end of a critical opinion or reaction, just say – thank you. Be kind and loving, don’t argue. And keep on doing your thing.

I believe in you and your dreams.

With all my love,


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