Are you the kind of person who writes down long “to do” lists with an idea to check off all your tasks as quickly as possible which often leaves you stressed out?

Or perhaps, you prefer storing all your tasks and “things to do” in your mind that often leaves you running from place to place, and switching from task to task with a bit of overwhelm?

Whether you tend to be more a person A or a person B, or a mix of those two – I bet that like me, you have those days when you wish there were more hours in a day so that you could accomplish more and go to sleep with calm and satisfaction.

Now, we can’t magically create more hours in our work days, but what we can certainly do, is to use those that we already have smarter.

What do I mean by that?

Start organizing your day by writing down and categorising your tasks under two columns: Important and Urgent, like below

Important Urgent
Tasks that are meaningful to you and your growth; projects with long term benefits that require your thinking, focus, and dedication.

E.g. brainstorming, writing, strategy design, career plan development etc.

Tasks that have strict deadlines and have to be done anyway; often other people’s agendas.

E.g. calls, team and client meetings, follow-ups etc.

After making your own table of important and urgent tasks, make sure to start each day working on the things that are most important to you.

Because you know, that those tasks that are urgent will get done anyway. And you want to use your brain power in the mornings for the things that are truly meaningful to you and often don’t get done later in the day.

And as for one of the most important tasks for your well-being and personal growth – make sure to schedule your vacation, rest, and downtime so you can regularly re-energize and get back to work to continue giving your best.

With love and appreciation,


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