Are you working in a stressful and demanding environment?

Struggling with creating a sense of balance between your work and life?

Listen, you’re not alone.

Most of us lives on a constant rollercoaster where a desired balance is often jeopardized by tight turns, steep slopes, and sometimes even inversions.

Now, let me be uber honest with you.

I’m fed-up with hearing about work-life balance (especially, in that words order).

We all experience a seasonality of that “balance” in life. There were, there are, and there always will be moments and times – when you’ll have to give more of your focus and attention to only one or two areas in your life: education, career, intimate life, family, friends, health, passions and then – change and adapt again, depending on your needs and desires.

That’s why, I prefer thinking about life-work integration – to me it more accurately reflects our experience as human beings.

Work is important BUT not more, than your life and your well-being. Otherwise, we would all be called human doings and not human beings.

Like you, I’m a person who likes to go, go, go and I know how easy it might be to skip a workout or a fun experience with your family or friends thinking that you have to work and you don’t have time for “things like these”.

However, what’s important to realize is that “things like these”  – Aren’t extras, aren’t additions in your life- they’re ENABLERS that are essential for you to do the work with joy.

As a talent coach, I often meet with ambitious, talented, and amazing human beings who are burnt-out or running close into this difficult place.

Let’s face it – none of us are superhuman. Self-care is non-negotiable for your long-term happiness. 

So relax, let go, and embrace the ups and downs as part of the process (You are not doing anything wrong).

And please remember to not miss out on the sweetness of your life, my dear!

With love and appreciation,


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