How many seconds does it take for you to answer these 2 questions:

What brings joy in my life?

What am I grateful for?

If it takes you quite some time – No, worries – you’re not alone.

Our brains are often “hardwire” to come faster with responses to questions like:

What worries me?

What’s not working for me? – rather than to those positively stated ones.

Now, are you ready to change it and feel better more often?

If your answer is “Hell Yes!” – then get yourself a nice journal and get prepared for a life-changing experience. 🙂 In your journal, write down these 3 statements for each day of the week and every evening before going to sleep, write down your responses.

Today, I appreciate…

Today, I’m grateful for…

My happy moment of the day was…

The act of writing down what you enjoy and what you appreciate – trains your brain to make joy and gratitude your natural emotional default state.

As you will focus more on these positive thoughts – you’ll start developing new pathways in your brain associated with joy and your wellbeing.

It’ll become easier and easier for you to think automatically in this way and it will alter your brain chemistry for the better.

Give yourself at least 21 days of this journaling practice – and you’ll be amazed by the way you feel and the way you think, I promise.

I believe in you.

With love and gratitude,


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