I get this question all the time – But, what if I won’t matter? Nobody will care about me, my offering, my vision, my new thing…”

It’s a big one.

And if you’re dreaming about starting and growing your own business or reinventing yourself and doing something completely new in life  – This question will most likely show up in your mind too.

I want you to know this: It’s completely normal, it’s part of the process, and I experienced it too.

Thankfully, no other person ever has, or ever will have, the unique blend of talent, strengths and perspective that you have.

You do matter a lot. And you do have something special to share with the world!

When it comes to creating a business or a brand that matters, meaning something that creates value for others and is respected by them – Here are 4 Principles followed by all major brands that matter and which you can apply to your new professional adventure, too:

Principle #1 Your brand is recognizable

  • Be strategically consistent how you present yourself and your business. Make your visual identity and communications appealing to your audience.

Principle #2 You deliver a high quality product or service

  • Create more value for your customers than they expect. Surprise and delight people with your offering.

Principle #3 You make a positive difference in the world

  • Stand for something bigger than yourself. Make sure you contribute to important causes and the society.

Principle #4 You push your industry forward

  • Experiment. Never stop challenging yourself and your industry. Be innovative and forward-thinking.

You have everything it takes to create a brand that matters. Just start!

I believe in you and your dreams.

With love and good energy,


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