Have you experienced wanting something but not really getting it? Is there an area of your life which you’d like to improve?

You are not alone.

In business and in life the difference between the wannabes and the leaders comes down to this: being “interested” vs. being “committed”.

I often hear people saying: “I’ve a problem with motivating myself to __”.

The secret to motivation is this:  Have enough reasons why you want what you want. If you can find enough strong reasons to do something, you can get yourself to do anything.

Your purpose for doing something is a much stronger motivator than the object that you pursue.

Reasons are making the real difference between being interested versus being really committed to accomplishing something.

Now, it’s time for action (no more stuck-tion or losing precious time in your life)!

What are the EXACT REASONS for you to…?:

  • Start your business or change your job
  • Write a book or become a public speaker
  • Get yourself in a loving relationship
  • Lose weight and get stronger in your body
  • OR….you name it

What are the benefits for you, the people you care about, and your community?

Write down as many reasons as you can. Be clear, concise, and positive.

If you get big enough WHY, you can always figure out the HOW.

Get 100% committed to your goal! You can do it!

With love and encouragement,


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