It knocks your door, grabs your throat, and poisons your mind.

It’s called frustration.

Each time when you work on an important goal like:

  • Finding a new job
  • Growing your business
  • Taking your artwork into the world
  • Or trying to move a team project inside a corporation

You might feel impatient as the things are not moving fast enough.

If you are an entrepreneur, a creative or an ambitious professional –  I bet you experienced frustration at some point. Because, who doesn’t?

The truth about frustration is this:

  • It can change a positive attitude into a negative one
  • An empowering state into a crippling one

But the worst thing a negative attitude does is wipe out your self-discipline. And when that discipline is gone, all of the results you desire are gone.

People who fail to achieve their goals and dreams are most often stopped by frustration. They allow frustration to keep them from taking the necessary action.

So the next time when you feel frustrated ask yourself these questions:

What can I control in this situation?

What am I having influence on?

By shifting your mind from the external world and other people that you cannot simply control, and instead focusing on what you can do about this situation – you will regain your inner power and learn how to navigate frustrating moments.

Frustration can either kill your spirit or teach you how to enjoy the process.

Any great success has experienced some massive frustration at a time. It’s just part of growth.

So stay focused on your dreams and projects and keep doing the work. Everything will happen for you in the right time.

I believe in you!

With so much love,


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