Is your energy tank often begging you for a refill? Are you experiencing lots of stress in your work, business or life?

If so, I’ll share with you my little secret (maybe it’s yours too).

I’ve always been driven and excited by the world, so my mind is often in the future and racing 300 km per hour.

Like you, I love mental stimulation and challenge, but I learnt it the hard way, that if you want to perform optimally at anything – you need to find a way to regularly renew and just relax.

Meditation has been my daily morning routine of putting my mind on that needed airplane mode for the last six years.

It’s a practice that allows you to: be more present, detach from your thoughts and instead become their observer, be more connected to your more powerful unconscious mind, and your heart.

After I learnt about these scientific benefits of meditation:

  • increases your focus 10x

  • improves your immune system by 50%

  • decreases your depression level by 75%

  • decreases your anxiety level by 30%

  • increases your general well-being by 65%

I’ve committed 20 min every morning to this practice and I simply love it!

What’s great about meditation is that you can experience amazing results after only 21 days of consecutive practicing. You’ll find yourself being a better listener, more creative at work, and more compassionate for others and yourself.

Start simple and easy, perhaps with just 10 min of a guided meditation. You can test Headspace app with 10 days access to meditations for free.

Meditation is one of the most powerful productivity-enhancing tools ever created – you’ll be astonished how it’ll positively transform your life!

With love and encouragement,


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