Do you ever wonder what should be your next career step?


What type of work would bring you more joy and satisfaction?

I know I did.

Five years ago, I remember looking into the future and trying to see myself climbing the corporate ladder. I could feel in my body and heart that neither the job of my boss nor his boss’s job were for me. I was fed-up with internal politics, lack of open communication, and repetitive work. I couldn’t resist and thought: What the hell am I doing here? Wasting my time and my life.

Then one day, I realized that I was asking myself a wrong question.

Ultimately, it’s less about – What’s your next career step? AND moreWhat kind of lifestyle do you wish for yourself/your family and what are your values?

  • Are you thriving on 9am to 5pm OR … Do you want more time flexibility?

  • Do you enjoy having clearly defined role and responsibilities OR… Would you rather prefer more creative freedom and task variety?

  • Do you want to work for a secured paycheck OR… Have an unlimited potential for your profit growth?

These are just a few questions, that can help you start your own exploration. AND let me be clear here – there are no better and worst jobs or lifestyles. Everyone likes different things and that’s cool!

What I encourage you to do for your long-term happiness and satisfaction –  is to define what great lifestyle means to you by visualising “Your Perfect Day At Work”.

These 5 questions can help you start:

  1. Where would I be?

  2. Who would be with me?

  3. What would I be doing?

  4. How would I feel?

  5. What steps do I need to take to start making this more of a reality?

I believe in you and your dreams!

With love and appreciation,


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