Wow, I can honestly say that it’s been a wild ride without a seatbelt.

Not every day but many days filled with: uncertainties, frustrations, doubts and of course those that have been full of human breakthroughs, surprises, and positive life changing experiences. I’m grateful for ALL, I celebrate all.

As with life, starting and growing your own business offers you a rainbow of feelings. Building your business is one of the best opportunities to face your deepest fears and grow your character.

April 4th marked 2 years in my entrepreneurship adventure and I’ve taken some time (after a good celebration of course!) to reflect on my and my business clients’ key learnings. I want to share these with you today.

No sugar-coat, no romantizm, nothing fake.

I wish I read something like this when I was just starting out in 2016 – it would probably save me from many mistakes and disappointments.

Here are my top 7 lessons for new entrepreneurs:

Lesson 1: Stay connected to your purpose.

Focus on those you’re serving. Practice high quality work and detachment from the outcome of your work. Don’t take yourself too seriously. The less you’re attached to the outcome, the better. The effort is enough.

Lesson 2: Be diligente.

Stop talking, start doing. Be in it for a long game. Go big on action and education. Go small on instant gratification and status. Don’t go ahead of yourself. There is a temptation among entrepreneurs to replace action with a talk.

Lesson 3: Discipline and perseverance are everything.

Learn to “say no” to distractions and give your full attention to what REALLY matters. Social media isn’t your business (unless it is). Curating your Instagram or Facebook pages can feel like work because these platforms offer you instant gratification. But it’s not your life’s work. It’s easy to get busy without accomplishing much. Make the main thing, your main thing.

Lesson 4: Stay realistic, humble, and kind.

Fall in love with slow and gradual progress. It’s better to make baby steps in the right direction than running fast in the wrong one. Balance your talent and ambition.

Lesson 5: Be prepared for frustrations and disappointments.

In every kind of job, I mean EVERY there are some kind of frustrations. The question isn’t What if? But rather Which ones are you ready to handle? If you want to start your own business make sure that you love the process of doing the thing and aren’t only lured by the results.

Lesson 6: Maintain your own scorecard.

Focus on becoming a better version of yourself. Track your own progress and your character development. Focus on creating your assets. Don’t compare yourself to others, you never know where they’re heading.

Lesson 7: There are no shortcuts.

Commit to lifelong education and invest time and energy in learning practical skills that are vital to your business growth. If you don’t read books and take courses on your subject you won’t be able to innovate and progress. Do the groundwork day and day out.

If none of these scares you, congratulations! You can proceed to turing your business idea into reality! I have your back.  And I’m ready to support you on your business journey.

Write me at to schedule our first session.

With love and colours,


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