Have you ever wondered what’s the difference between people who decide to give up on their dreams and goals and those who stay persistent?

I know, I’ve had.

Any worthwhile journey in life or business that takes you from point A where you currently are, to point B where you desire to be, requires from you developing a resourceful, supportive mindset.

This pathway from A to B is rarely a linear trip. It looks more like a rollercoaster ride with its numerous turns, twists and bumps, right?

These aren’t something to run away from, these are to embrace and learn from. 

What’s important to realize is that,  the most challenging of such rapid moves are coming to us not from the outside world,  but from ourselves in form of thoughts like these ones:

I’m fearful

This is uncomfortable

It may not work

It’s easy to get tricked by them, to believe in them, and to give away our power to them.

But those thoughts aren’t who you truly are.

You were brought to this life with a unique set of talents, strengths and perspectives. You’re stronger than you think you’re.

So next time when it gets hard, turn those thoughts around and replace them with these resourceful ones:

I’m growing

This is challenging

It will work (maybe not how I think it should)

I believe in you and your dreams. You can do it!

With love and encouragement,


P.S. Got a friend or colleague who is thinking about giving up on her/his dream – share with them this blog post. It may positively change their lives. And you can be a catalyst of that change!

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