Anything that seemed hard or impossible doing before – NOW, will be different.

If starting and growing your own dream business has been a long desire of yours, now it’s the time to learn from those who walked the path before you and turn impossible to I’M POSSIBLE.

Often, I get asked about my own entrepreneurial journey and to be honest with you, not always those questions help to reveal important insights.

That’s why, I thought I’d share with you today –  7 powerful questions to ask to business owners in your desired field, before you embark on your own journey.

These are essential for you to:

  • Gain favorable business position,
  • Prepare well for the path ahead,
  • Learn from other people’s mistakes,
  • Save yourself time, money, and energy,
  • Don’t reinvent the wheel.

Here are 7 powerful questions to ask to business owners before you start your own dream business:

#1 How did you start your business?

#2 What were the first two years like?

#3 What mistakes did you make?

#4 What kind of rates can someone starting out expect to charge?

#5 What kind of initial capital, if any, does it take to get started?

#6 Where did you find your first clients or customers?

#7 What skills are essential to succeed in this industry?

Make sure to listen carefully and take good notes – these insights can truly inspire and ease your own business path.

You can do it! Your talents are unique and your potential is limitless!

With love and enthusiasm,


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