Is there a goal that you wanted to accomplish badly?  You didn’t.  And now struggle to put yourself back on track?


  • Missing on your business targets?
  • Not getting a promotion or a new job?
  • Failing on your creative project?
  • Experiencing a relationship break-up?

You’re definitely not alone.

In this blog,  you’ll learn 2 simple steps that will take you from feeling like a failure to becoming a true winner. A strategy that will teach you (if you’re ready) how to handle any setback on your pathway to success in life and in business.

Let’s get into it. But first, let’s get honest.

It’s a matter of fact, that in our lifetime we won’t accomplish ALL of our goals, and as much as it can sound sucky, we need to be conscious of this reality.

What often happens when we miss on a goal – our energy and enthusiasm drop down and as a result we might lower our expectations on ourselves (not good). For some, it may ultimately mean stop setting goals completely. What’s important to understand is this: You may set a goal and not reach it, but you will ALWAYS have achieved something else in the process.

Ask yourself:

  1. What things did I accomplish on the way to that goal? (new learnings?, new perspective?, new solutions?, new insights?…)
  2. Who have I become as a result of this failure?

Take a piece of paper and write EVERYTHING down. – It’s uber important.

Now look at your list:

  1. Which one of those lights you most up?

It may be, that this is what your heart most desired anyway, and not the goal that you initially set. Think about it.

It’s time to put yourself back on track, my dear. You’ll win or you’ll learn, but you won’t ever lose!

With love and optimism,


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