Is there a person/s in your life or business that easily triggers anger, frustration, disappointment, envy or sadness in you?

Have you ever wondered how to deal with such difficult relationships?

If so – then today’s strategy can help.

We all have our own triggers, developed throughout our life based on a unique collection of our own experiences and human interactions. As humans, we get easily on a mental and emotional carousel, often repeating the same patterns of behaviours and same biases.

Now – there is another way of looking and responding to such triggers and difficult relationships.

It’s all about reframing how you perceive and interpret a certain behaviour.

Because you have the power to give any meaning that you want to any situation and any human behaviour. This is what you can control.

And let’s be honest, sometimes you reach a conclusion too quickly:

  • Judging person’s behaviour without trying to understand what’s REALLY going on in this person’s life,
  • Making assumptions that it’s all about you (most often it isn’t)
  • Generalising too much and developing stories

Next time when you feel a wave of anger, frustration, disappointment, envy or sadness coming because of what someone else has said or done – Stop your usual thought pattern (by literally saying STOP in your own mind) and ask yourself these questions:

What’s the positive intention here?

What this behaviour really means?

For what purpose does she/he do this?

What would I like it to mean?

Another powerful question to ask is this one:

What boundaries do I need to put in place to be in my integrity and have the most generous assumptions about the other person?

In a better state of mind – you will come up with better ways of dealing with difficult relationships and situations.

I know you can do this!

Make sure to share this blog post with all your friends and colleagues – and save yourself and them – some good energy that otherwise might be wasted on dealing with difficult emotions.

With love and enthusiasm,


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