I must confess you something.

I’m screaming CIAOOO and I’m throwing out of the window these words:

tomorrow, later, not now, next month, next year, one day, some day, when only, if only…

You get, this right?

All these little, nasty lies. All the words that kill the dreams. I’m divorcing them all and I’m marrying to my calendar ( my husband, Marco is on board ;-).

Because, it’s not enough to have intentions and say that you want. All your dreams and goals have to be scheduled in your calendar. If they aren’t there yet  – they aren’t real.

Stop doing what’s easy, and start doing what matters. Identify your dream goal or project and then 5-7 steps that will move you towards it, and then immediately write all of them down in your calendar. Stick to it like bees to honey.

It’s time to walk the talk, get focused, and make a difference with your talents! Because YOU do matter and have something special to share.

The world is waiting for your unique contribution!

With total love and energy,


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