And here it was again, this little nagging voice

“ But what if it won’t work and I fail?”

“ What if they judge me?”

“ What if I won’t make enough money to sustain my lifestyle?”

“ What if I get rejected?”

“ And who am I to even try?”

… THESE self-doubts and worries can go on and on.

And if you’ve ever wanted to go to another level in your career and life, and perhaps:

  • change your path,
  • start or scale your business,
  • write your book,
  • bring your artwork into the world etc.,

I bet you’re familiar with this little voice.

These self-doubts, fears, worries and considerations are natural to EVERY human being. To everyone who wants to stretch, grow, escape comfort zone, and reach her/his full potential. It’s important to realize that no matter how successful we’re, this little voice won’t ever go away. It’s part of our human make-up.

NEVER let this little voice stop you. Acknowledge its existence but don’t believe it and don’t fight with it.

Luckily, there are mental strategies to turn these specific self-doubts and worries around to your favour which is part of the work that I do with my clients. It does miracles to your level of confidence and your courage.

The first step is to realize that your mind cannot occupy two different places at the same time.

This means you either worry OR you focus on your task at hand.

When you have doubts, fears, worries and considerations, you most probably disengaged from your work and have been too much thinking and not enough doing.

Train yourself to focus and give your 100% attention to your goals and projects and ignore all external noise and distractions as well as your temptation of wanting to figure everything out in your head.

“Doubts kill more dreams than failure ever will.” Don’t ever let this happen to you!

I believe in you and your dream!

With love and appreciation,


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