As somebody who works really hard and loves achieving your goals, you know this first hand.

Sometimes, it just feels like there’s no time for you. Work demands, family responsibilities, and never-ending to do lists often take priority.

These can leave you with little energy, not to mention time to do something nice for yourself and to re-connect.

You are not alone. I’ve experienced that too and realised this isn’t sustainable. That’s why, I fall in love with simple pleasures.

Nothing is more uplifting and re-energising in life than quality and intentional acts of pleasure.

Small pleasures have big power. They’re simple and don’t take much of your time.

They refill your energy tank and make you genuinely more satisfied about yourself, equipped to give more to others, and more focused on your journey ahead.

That’s why today, I want to share with you Part 2 of my simple pleasures (you can access Part 1 here) to double the effect of your joy and give you more options as you experience them on a regular basis for yourself.

I hope you’ll find them beneficial too! I’ve included some helpful links.


1. Celebrate yourself with a tea ceremony. Take a break, sit on your sofa in stillness and just drink your favourite tea from your favourite cup or mug. Personally, I love earl grey tea, mate, and all the green teas including matcha.

2. Stretch your body. Increase your flexibility and range of motion. Soooo good for the body!

3. Take yourself on an inspiration date. Visit a museum or go to theatre. Do this alone, it will stimulate your mind and spark new ideas.

4. Call your family members and tell them how much you love them. Genuinely listen to every person.  

5. Watch an interesting documentary. There are plenty of those on Netflix and YouTube. Choose a topic of your interest, one of my favourites is on Minimalism.

6.  Start with juicing. Make yourself a power drink to fill your body with vitamins. There are plenty of ideas in this little book: Pure. Juicing For Life.

7. Dance like nobody is watching. Turn on your favourite rock, pop, latin music and just dance. By moving your body you will increase your endorphins level and feel much better.

8. Take your loved one or a friend on a secret weekend together. Don’t tell them where you’re going, take care of all the arrangements. People love surprises.

9. Connect with the beauty of your past. Visit a vintage shop, second hand bookstore or a disc shop and search for inspiration.  

10. Let yourself hibernate this winter. Quality sleep will increase your happiness, focus, and energy level. Make sure you have at least 7-8h of sleep daily.

11. Feed your body like athletes do. Crash morning cravings with a high protein breakfast. I love having eggs, beans, nuts, and smoked salmon.

12. Dress in colours. Lift up your energy by wearing something you love. Colour therapy really works!

13. Plant happy thoughts with affirmations. We are what we think. Use positive affirmations to achieve your goals with more ease and happiness.

14. Laugh more often. Loudly and proudly! 😀

15. Let go. Accomplish your goals by dropping the ones which aren’t serving you anymore. Feel lighter and get more focused.

You deserve the time to re-connect to yourself. And small pleasure can help you do it.

With love and encouragement,


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