Are you constantly creating “To Do Lists”? Does crossing off your accomplished tasks give you a rush of pleasure?

If your response sounds like: Mmmmh… yes! Then, welcome in the club!

As somebody like you, who love to get things done, I was looking for a system that would help me get my task lists not longer but smarter and focus my time and energy on working on the right things. I’ve tried many productivity tools before and with this one strategy I got hooked. 

When I’m using it, it literally gives me butterflies in my stomach because it’s smart and strategic.

After practicing with it, I’ve learnt how to prioritize better, use my time more effectively and invest my energy into tasks and projects that are really worth it.

Are you ready for it? (you better be!)

Your satisfaction and joy will skyrocket when you replace those “To Do Lists” with Growth Lists. What do I mean by that?

Next time, when you sit down to create your next to do list, take a few minutes and ask yourself these questions – they will guide you in creating your own Growth List and from there – greater satisfaction and joy await you!

Here are those guiding questions:

#1 What I must do? (Which task is linked to my purpose? Which activity can help me advance my mission in life and help others?)

#2 What’s the highest return? ( Which task can fuel me energetically and bring the highest financial return?)

#3 What’s more rewarding to me? (Which activity can help me grow my character, talents and develop my core skills?)

Everything else needs to be either delegated or removed and land on your Stop List!

Let me know how this strategy works for you in the comments below! I cannot wait to celebrate your accomplishments together! 

You’re just millimetres away from your greater satisfaction and joy. Start writing down your Growth Lists and I can promise you, this one strategy will get you done the right things!

With love and good energy,


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