Are you often feeling overwhelmed?… By daily flood of information, number of incoming emails or by your various commitments?

I know the feeling…Overwhelm becomes a human epidemic.

With a raise of social platforms and new technologies, our minds travel on a constant roller-coaster and jump from one thing to another like on a trampoline. With all that going on, your inner-peace calls for help.

Such fantasies of closing yourself inside your house and simply “disappearing” for a few days to not be bothered becomes a recurring theme in my conversations with people, like you. More and more humans choose staycation at home as a form of relaxation.

But what can you do when taking time off isn’t an option? How to cope with overwhelm on a daily basis?

There’s this powerful strategy that has helped me a lot whenever I’m slipping into the overwhelm zone – and I believe it can help you too.

Next time when you’re overwhelmed, ask yourself and journal on these questions:

What would it look like if I’d get back all my control?

What would I start or stop doing?

Maybe, what you need right now is to do one or more of these…

  • Have more quiet moments far away from technology
  • Commit only to what matters
  • Listen more to yourself, to your intuition
  • Trust more yourself, the process, and the timing of your life
  • …You name it.

This strategy really works. You deserve to be in harmony and in control, my dear.

With a loving hug,


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