Have you ever wondered how fear is created? Yep, me too.

It’s a contemplative process. We think painful thoughts and we keep on running them in our heads too often.

This explains why every second person on this planet dreams of starting her/his own business (according to various studies) but only a few does. Fear stops the rest. They think way too much of what could possibly go wrong.

Like with all personal and professional results – they depend on the perspective you have and the action you take.

So today I’m happily sharing with you a few mental re-frames to most common fears that can shift your perspective and encourage you to stop delaying on your big dream!

Fear NR 1. – Fearing loss( of money, status, security, relationships, etc.)

  • Reframe: What will you gain as a result of starting your own business? Yes, you’ll most likely lose security in a short term and you’ll gain freedom over the long term in your life. And you can become financially free too.

Fear NR 2. – Fearing difficulty in the process

  • Reframe: What will you learn? Who will you become thanks to that experience? Yes, the process can be challenging, and challenge is good for you. It helps you reach your higher potential and guarantees more variety in your life.

Fear NR 3. – Fearing failure

  • Reframe: What might be the benefits of an attempt or partial success? New skills, new opportunities, new relationships, new field of work… Expanded YOU!

Are any of these fears stopping you from starting your own business? – Then it’s time to stop suffering in your own mind!

Visualize and give your attention to things that will turn out well.

I believe in you and your dreams!

With love and encouragement,


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