Would you like to start your days feeling stronger and more confident, calm and focused, and generally more energised?

If you said YES to any of these, then you’re in the right place! 🙂

Because, it’s all possible by taking control of our emotional, mental and physical state. State you’re in – shapes the way you think, influences the way you feel and what actions you take.

That’s why it’s essential to take control of your state by smartly designing your mornings and building powerful routines around the feelings that you want to experience most.

Here are 4 simple morning strategies to fuel your resourceful states for the day:

#1 For Strength and Confidence Exercising in the mornings isn’t only about staying fit. Scientific studies show that it’s much more about building your mental capabilities and flexibility. By exercising 20 min daily, you’ll develop greater strength and confidence – so needed to cope with daily challenges.

#2 For Higher Energy – Fuel your body, especially in the mornings with high nutrient foods (proteins, vegetables, seeds, nuts) and your energy level will hit the roof.

#3 For Calmness and Focus –Scientific benefits of meditation are simply mind blowing! By committing to at least 10 min every day, your focus and calmness will increase.

#4 For Grounding and Compassion –Practicing yoga and deep breathing help you experience centeredness and self-love. By taking this important time for yourself, you’ll have more to give to others from your heart.

*Bonus. For Creativity and Optimism – Listening to music or singing & dancing in the shower really work! Starting your day with some energetic vibes help you dance through difficulties of the day! 🙂

So which of those states do you want to experience more of? 

No need to overcomplicate, the most important is to start simple, choose what most appeal to you in terms of states and feelings that you want to experience more of – and then over time add on other morning routines.

YOU are a precious soul!

With love and appreciation,


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