Are you successful and not feeling it?

Perhaps, constantly chasing new goal, new accomplishment, new reward, hoping the next thing will finally make you feel proud and happy about yourself?

If that’s you, no worries, just keep reading.

It’s quite common to meet successful people who are least aware of their own magic. Why is that?

Because, we often forget that how we handle success is as important as we handle failure.

Let’s look at these 2 examples:

Person A succeeds on a regular basis but doesn’t take the time to celebrate her/his accomplishments. She/he often responds to praise from others OR in her/his own mind with these statements:

“It’s not a big deal.”

“I was just lucky.”

“’I’m not sure I even deserve all these.”

and then move on to next projects with a feeling of lack.

Person B succeeds on a regular basis and uses every small, tiny win to celebrate. She /he often behaves like an athlete making a fist with a hand and saying “YES” with passion each time she/he wins or receives praise from others. What’s on her/his mind are these statements:

“ It’s a great step forward.”

“I deserve this because I’ve earned it.”

“I deserve this because I was prepared.”

and then move on to new projects with a feeling of enthusiasm.

So which person better reflects you, A or B? What’s your usual response to success? Whether you’re more like a person A or a person B, you can feel even better about yourself!

The secret to long lasting satisfaction and achieving with pleasure is owning your success and celebrating all your wins.

Start tracking your small wins on a regular basis. Get yourself a notebook and every Friday write down all your accomplishments, learnings, and discoveries from that week.

Practice this on a regular basis, and I can promise you that not only you’ll win more often, you’ll also feel better about yourself.

I believe in you and your dreams!

With love and appreciation,


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