I’ve got two questions for you:

  • Do you like changing?
  • When was the last time you changed something that wasn’t serving you anymore?

If change in your lifestyle, career transition or personal transformation have been on your mind but you haven’t quite get there yet – then today’s message can help.

You know this to be true: “Nothing changes if nothing changes.”

Changing and transforming personal and professional life – have been my long standing passion. I looooove helping others on that journey, because I know how it feels.

Having to adapt to new circumstances have been a recurring theme throughout my life. I’ve studied and worked in 3 different countries, I’ve changed jobs 6 times, and have made 3 big career shifts (+ changes in my personal life too).

Like with any major change and transition, it’s quite natural to start off experiencing some of these feelings:

sadness, grief, denial, confusion, indecision, fear of failure, panic, anxiety, uncertainty, guilt, shame, disorientation, vulnerability, fear of being a novice, etc.

However what I’ve learnt about change from my own experience and from helping hundreds of others is that its process is predictable. By understanding change cycles and what to do and what to avoid in each and every phase of change – it’s much much easier and more fun in the process.

You can learn how to make any change or transformation with ease and enjoyment!

I’d be excited to serve you as your personal guide and accountability partner in that process.

Today, let me share with you My 5 Lessons from 3 Career Transitions:

Lesson #1: The moment you stop learning, it’s the moment to try something new.

Growth happens outside your comfort zone.

Lesson #2: Every experience adds on.

See your transition as an expansion of your identity and not a change of your identity.

Lesson #3: Identify key skills to master your new role.

Then go and acquire them by taking courses, trainings and reading books on the topics. Practice those skills as much as you can in real life.

Lesson #4: Be open to new possibilities, you don’t know what you don’t know.

Stay curious, your life has beautiful things to offer.

Lesson #5: Be clear on your values and change for the right lifestyle.

You need to know yourself to grow yourself.

Learning how to change with ease – it’s a skill in itself. It teaches you adaptability and flexibility – so essential in this fast-paced time we live in.

You can do it! You can change your life, career and yourself. Now, it’s YOUR time!

With love and excitement,


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