I’m curious… what are your plans for this year?

Are you going to learn a new skill?


  • Video making?
  • Writing?
  • Public speaking?
  • Teaching yoga?
  • Graphic design?
  • Coding?
  • Playing an instrument?
  • Painting?
  • Business?
  • Learning a new language? .… YOU name it!

Anything is possible and anything is learnable – with the right approach.

It’s all about commiting and then taking baby steps as you did when you learned how to walk, how to ride a bike or how to speak a foreign language etc.

You have a track record to prove it to yourself, that you can and you will when you want it! Every time you learn something well, you go through the same 4 stages of a Learning Journey.

Unconscious Incompetence – Before you think of trying to learn something new, you’re not conscious of how incompetent you’re at this skill. It didn’t even cross your mind.

Conscious Incompetence – When you begin learning a new skill, you become quite aware of your incompetence.

Conscious Competence – After some practice, you can become competent at a skill, but much of it is still very conscious – you have to think about what you’re doing.

Unconscious Competence – Ultimately you can reach a level of mastery where you have learned the skill so well that it becomes unconscious. You just do it without even consciously thinking about it. It’s automatic.

This awareness of learning stages can better prepare you for what’s coming and how to go about it when learning your new desired skill.

It’s completely natural to experience a period of self-doubt or feeling overwhelmed when learning something new. What’s important to remember is that – this too will pass.

So just keep on going and never give up!I believe in YOU and your beautiful dreams!

With summer love,


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