Are you somebody who enjoys giving and receiving feedback? Or does giving or receiving feedback make you feel uncomfortable?

Whether at work, family or friendship context, people offer their opinion every day. How to know what to take on OR what is worth sharing?

Some feedback is useful and helps us grow, and some is quite biased.

Especially, when you hear somebody saying sentences starting with these: 

You can’t…You should…You shouldn’t…You have to…

What’s worth remembering is this: Feedback is simply information. Feedback is just one perspective which is often limited by our/their history, our/their beliefs, and even our/their fears. 

Nobody knows more about you than you do. That’s why, there’s no point of doing these:

  1. Caving in on a feedback, crying and falling apart
  2. Getting angry about somebody
  3. Ignoring the feedback

Because feedback can also be a true growth gift – if we look at it this way.

Unbiased, intentional, and timely feedback helps us discover new, often more resourceful approaches. It can be an invitation for self-exploration and learning.

Ask proactively people that you trust: How do you see limiting myself?How can I improve in the context of _ ?

The answers may help you discover your own blind spots.

Stay open and flexible on your life and business journey. Sometimes the biggest transformations are coming from that one feedback or that one growth opportunity that you give and receive. Welcome them.

With love and appreciation,


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