Today, I’m in a mood for dropping the F-bombs (metaphorically and literally). 💣💥🧨

Let’s get into it! 😁

How are you? How often does your response to that question sound something like this: “I’M FINE” 

Really?! “I’m fine. Everything is fine…you know at home and at work. All is fine.”

When I hear something like this one, I want to drop the first bomb. 💣

Why? Because you and I know what’s hidden behind that “fine spirit”. 

You might say: “THE COMFORT ZONE?” 

And I’m about to drop another bomb.💣

Well, it sounds, looks, and feels more like a FAMILIARITY ZONE to me. It often has nothing to do with you being truly comfortable. It’s just familiar. 

Joy, excitement, growth, and passion in life – are happening outside of that small limiting space. I know you know this to be true. And you have inside of you – Everything it takes to make the leap to that FUN GROWTH ZONE. 

The only remaining question is this: How long is it going to take for you to say and act on this: “FUCK, I’m done with being fine only. I want to experience more joy, excitement, growth, and passion in my life and at work!” 

I believe in you and your dreams.

With love and good vibes,


P.S. Share this explosive message 💣💥🧨 with everybody that you love! They’ll thank you for it.

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