It’s time for a confession. My abilities to really listen to other people sucked before diving into the world of personal development and coaching in 2008.

I was focused on speaking only. I was babbling a lot, always thinking what to say next and how to respond to other people’s messages. 

I wanted to entertain, impress, and was always ready to share a smart comment (at least, I thought that was smart). For most of the time, I was listening – to respond. I was mistakenly paying attention to other people’s words. And not how they speak and what they don’t share.

Sounds familiar?

As a result, I experienced many misunderstandings, disappointments and setbacks in personal and professional communications.  

Then, as I realized that deep listening is one of the most important skills a person can develop, I learnt that there are 3 levels of listening. 

Surface level: With the ears 

Second level: With the mind 

Deep level: With the heart 

Being fully present with others and yourself, deeply and actively listening to others and yourself – can meaningfully change your life.

You will develop stronger, more genuine relationships as you deeply listen with your heart to others and make them feel seen, heard and understood.

You’ll not only learn a lot more about other people, you’ll learn tons about yourself.

Your awareness will truly develop and help you take your life to the next level of fulfillment, inner-peace and personal power. 

It takes time, focus, presence and constant intention – to develop a deep listening muscle – but I can promise you that it’ll be an ability that will serve you for life.

With lots of love,


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