Are you spending most of your days focusing on What you don’t want OR What you do want? Which ones of these pairs better reflect your usual thoughts, feelings and actions?

“I don’t want to be confused.” OR “I take action to get clarity.”

“I don’t have enough money.” OR “I find new sources of income.”

“I don’t want to be alone.” OR “I attract the love that I’m.”

Are your goals, plans and desires stated in the negatives or positives? I’m asking because the language we use (especially the one in our own minds) directly affects our results.

How does it work? We first make an image of an unwanted thought or behavior in order to understand the meaning of the sentence. And this makes the unwanted thought or behavior more likely.

Your unconscious mind (responsible for all the learning and behaviour) don’t process negative statements.

Just try with this simple example: Don’t think of a pink bicycle. What have you just thought about? A pink bicycle!

Moreover, when someone comes to us with their problems, many people usually respond with sentences like these:

“Don’t worry”

“Don’t get angry”

“Don’t think about it”

What’s the result?

The opposite of the intended of course…more worry, anger and overthinking.We get what we focus on.Negatively stated outcomes create more of what we don’t want. 

Wanna know how do you turn a negative into a positive outcome and get better results in your career and life?

Start asking these: 

  1. What do I want instead?
  2. What will this do for me?

Give your full attention to what you do want and your personal and professional results will skyrocket!

With love and lots of appreciation 



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