Do you have an idea for:

  • a creative project?
  • writing a book?
  • or starting your own business?

But what’s been stopping you is this limiting thought: “Everything has been done already.”

Then, you’re gonna love today’s message!

I get you – You want to be original and unique with your art, book or business – and you’ll be. Because even if most of the things in the world have been done already, they haven’t been done by you.

Think only about your favourite music artist, ice cream place or a pizza restaurant – there are plenty of those and each day new amazing artists and new businesses are coming into the market. 

Why? Because, there is enough of happiness and success opportunities to go around for everyone, you just need to believe in yourself and BE YOURSELF.

Nobody else in the world has the exact same mix of your story, your talents and strengths, your perspective, and your energy level.

You’re special. You’re unique. You’re worth your dreams.

Be creative with your art, writing or business – infuse into your project your natural-self. Forget about the competition unless you want to swim in a red ocean full of same ones that have to compete on the price in order to get clients or followers.

Create your own category by merging your different talents and passions. Start your own blue ocean where you don’t need to lower your prices or your standards.

Read these 2 books to up your creative game: 

  1. Blue Ocean Strategy: How to create uncontested market space and make the competition irrelevant
  2. Blue Ocean Shift: Beyond Competing – proven steps to inspire confidence and seize new growth

Because, there is nothing that can stop you. Unless, you stop yourself.

With love and excitement,


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