Today, I’m super excited because I get to officially open the door for enrollments to my brand new online course, The CEO Roadmap!

It took me 2 years to develop it and about 5 years of working individually with talents like yourself, running group events, and experiencing tons of insights, personal transformations as well as tears of joy and frustration along the way. 😅😭💪

Yep, nothing of value comes easy. You know that well.

If you’ve been enjoying these weekly Blog posts, then you’re gonna love this online course, I promise you!

In this video, you’ll get a grasp of what this course is about and how it can positively improve your personal and professional life.

Caroline and Stevan have already tested The CEO Roadmap, now it’s time for you!

“This course brought clarity and focus to so many things I’ve been wrestling with in my life! I’m finally ready and confident about my next steps.” Caroline B; Director Policy & Government Affairs

“An amazing, easy to follow guide to help people uncover their purpose and direction in life. One of the most essential courses for anyone aspiring to a more meaningful life.” Stevan E; Consultant

Enjoy the video and I cannot wait to welcome you inside The CEO Roadmap! 🥳

With so much love,


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