Are these thoughts often on your mind? 

“My family and friends will think that I’m crazy.”

“People expect me to stay where I am.”

“I’ll annoy some people with my decision to change.”

Then, you’re not alone. Last year, Karina came to me with a clear idea to merge her passions: for well-being with policy work to create a new, forward looking consultancy in Brussels.

I could see from the very beginning… there was something that was deeply blocking her talent. She was terrified that her close friends wouldn’t give her a needed green light and support.

Which brings me to you – The fact that you care about other people is natural. We are social beings who crave for love and belonging.

However, what’s important to understand is that other people will meet you at the level they’ve met themselves.

What do I mean by that? If you want to share your brave idea with somebody who hasn’t been expanding her/his comfort zone, you may naturally experience lack of understanding, fear or even open criticism. 

Suddenly, your light becomes frightening to that other person, it creates a mirror effect where your family member, friend or colleague sees her/his own fears or limitations. 

It’s a natural human reaction. 

However, feeling that somehow you need to stay where you’re to show “loyalty” to your environment – it’s a recipe for deep regrets and dissatisfaction in life.

So what to do instead? Here are 3 ways to overcome this fear and take action towards your dream:

  • #1. Surround yourself with people who believe in you, who love you, and who support you no matter what.
  • #2. Never worry about other people’s opinions of you or your dreams – these are more projections than true statements.
  • #3. Following your own path and showing what’s possible will ultimately serve as an inspiration and motivation for other people in your life. You just have to start.

Don’t settle for less than you are. Because greatness is in your DNA. 

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With love and excitement 💖


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