I’m excited to share with you this new faster website to serve your development and growth as well as new unique experiences for those of you who are serious about going to the next level and reaching full potential. 😃💪🏻🌿

So let me dive straight into the new developments in my business evolution! Many of the things that I’ll share with you were kind of maturing inside me 🌱 throughout those years of running my business, and came from both, ups and downs, successes and challenges.

You know this first hand: things take time and they flourish when we are ready. 

In the last 4 years, I worked with hundreds of seasoned professionals and entrepreneurs 1:1, helping them embark on new pathways in life, honing my skills and experience (in coaching, NLP, neuroscience, hypnotherapy, mindfulness and soft skills), running a few group events, and writing this weekly Blog.  

All these insights into human behaviour and potential as well as my office expansion helped me develop for you: The CEO Roadmap online course and the new personalised experiences.

From now on, I’ll be running two types of unique experiences: individual and group ones to help you develop and learn holistically, aligning your body, mind and soul for growth.

Grow With Me Personalised Experience:

It offers you an approach to human development and transformation that is realistic, conscious and actionable. Each personalised guiding experience is built on healthy growth sprints (4/8/12 weeks challenge) using the most effective growth tools. Each experience is clearly defined with you based on your desired outcome. Making sure that your vision matches the actions you take on a daily basis. This approach guarantees you structure and accountability to get what you truly want faster and with your inner alignment (Body-Mind-Soul) for long-term success and well-being. Read more about this unique approach HERE.

Leaders With Hearts Experiences: 

A series of Body-Mind-Soul group experiences to develop your essential skills of leadership and entrepreneurship, and create inner alignment for your purposeful actions. Using recent developments in neuroscience, NLP, and mindfulness applications to developing vision, increasing creativity, and mastering growth mindset as well as resourceful habits in a natural environment. Read more about this approach and upcoming group experiences HERE.

Finally, The CEO Roadmap:

It’s all about guiding you step-by-step from being confused, stuck frustrated or overwhelmed to getting clarity, confidence and motivation to take concrete action steps in your new direction (like a CEO). Overcoming fears and worries and tapping into your potential. Read more about this transformational course HERE.

Over the years, this Blog has offered a wonderful opportunity for me to contribute with free strategies and tools that can be shared within this format. You can explore unique collections of >115 posts HERE.

However, for much more and lasting transformations, I encourage you to invest in yourself and make tangible progress through The CEO Roadmap and personalised experiences. There are limits to what we can learn from free stuff online, because real change is taking place at the unconscious level and requires special structured guidance for that.

I look forward to meeting with you and bringing all of your dreams and plans to life! 😃

With love and appreciation,


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