When going after our goals and dreams – What’s the probability of making them happen?

What are the factors that make or break our commitments when it comes to improving our health, relationships or career and personal development goals?

Because knowing what to watch out for in our own mindset and attitude – can positively increase our chances for success and prevent us from giving up (which we don’t want!).

So let’s dive into them!

Here are 10 Most Common Mistakes That Make People Give Up On Their Goals And Dreams.

Mistake #1. Expecting fast results. Whether you want to lose some extra kilograms and get back in shape, improve the quality of your relationships or land in a new job or develop your business – all these things take TIME. Often lots of time, efforts, and patience. There are no shortcuts to any place worth going.

Mistake #2. Lacking clarity and emotional connection to your goal or a dream. Not being crystal clear what you are after, why are you after it and how to really get there.

Mistake #3. Getting stuck in your pastAllowing your past to control your future. Repeating the same old approaches and patterns that don’t work, instead of opening yourself up to the new.

Mistake #4. Not believing enough in yourself. Not seeing yourself in your own mind achieving what you want; not believing that you can, deserve or have abilities; not believing that it’s possible or worth the effort.

Mistake #5. Dwelling on mistakes. Instead of learning from them and moving on to new strategies and tactics.

Mistake #6. Resisting change. Wanting all the benefits of the new but at the same time trying to keep the old and staying with one foot in the old door.

Mistake #7. Fearing failure more than desiring success. Not having enough motivation and self-belief towards your improved health, relationships or professionals goals and dreams.

Mistake #8. Assuming your problems are unique. Feeling sorry for yourself or blaming the external world or other people for not making a desired progress.

Mistake #9. Assuming failure is a signal to turn back. Taking “No” as the final answer. Not trying hard enough or accepting rejections.

Mistake #10. Thinking that you have too much to lose on a journey. Seeing your transformation as something where you would have to sacrifice too much. Perhaps not wanting to give-up sugar on your pathway to a healthier lifestyle or a comfort zone in your personal or professional life.

We all have tendencies that make us turn to some of those common mistakes in times of mental or emotional challenges, so no worries.

You’re not alone.

The most important thing is to be aware of your own patterns of thinking and behaving – and remembering that you can always prevent yourself from giving up.

Follow your heart when deciding on your goals and dreams – and you’ll find enough motivation, stamina and resilience to follow through no matter what!

I believe in you and your dreams.

With loving vibes,


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