Have you noticed that different people get motivated in a different way? 

Some have to get to a point where they experience lots of pain in a given area of life to propel themselves to action… while others are motivated to change by all the benefits that are awaiting them.

This mechanism is deeply rooted within us, often invisible to the naked eye.  

What has been your experience with motivation so far? 

Let’s consider these few examples:

Work: Are you more motivated by growth opportunities or trying to avoid risks and challenges? 

Love: Are you motivated to build a strong, loving relationship or avoid loneliness?

Health & Fitness: Are you excited about developing a healthy and energised body or moving away from your weight and physical pains?

Money: Are you motivated by creating abundance in your life or running away from getting poor?

Just imagine if you could sustain motivation for a long period of time and achieve anything that you truly want…wouldn’t that be great?🤩

It’s not that certain people are just more motivated than others, they may simply be motivated to take action in a more effective way.

Self-awareness is a number one indicator of success. The more you know about yourself, the better you can manage yourself, your relationships, your career and your life. 

You can master your motivation in any area of your life by mastering your inner game – and I’d be delighted to guide you in this process.

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