How are you feeling?

This year hasn’t been the easiest ride…many people lost their family members to COVID-19, others lost their jobs or clients, feel lonely being away from their families and friends or juggling various responsibilities from home. 

It’s a bitter pill to swallow. 😔

With all that going on, no wonder many people experience a rise of anxiety and fear about the future.

Anxiety is usually the result of either imagining an unpleasant future, or of making images of the future that is either unclear or unknown, and therefore a wide-open source of negative possibilities.

Every emotion holds inside a valuable message for you.  It’s like a caring friend who is letting you know about a situation that you really need to respond to.

Anxiety is signalling to you that you need to prepare to cope with or to avoid possible negative consequences of an upcoming situation.

I’d like to offer you 5 STEPS for turning your anxiety to a more resourceful state, from which you can take better care of yourself and of those you care about.

Step #1 Take a deep breath and thank your feelings for signaling to you that there is something in the future for which you need to better prepare.

Step #2 With a feeling of curiosity, ask yourself What do I need to do to better prepare? This may involve: gathering information, acquiring new skills or knowledge, or focusing on a positive outcome that will set a direction for you.

Step #3 Recall examples from your past (challenges you overcame) when you have done what you now need to do to meet this possible future challenge.

Step #4 As you vividly visualize those past situations which you successfully handled you feel reassured of your capability.

Step #5 Imagine yourself in the future preparing to meet the challenge, repeating this rehearsal until you feel confident about your ability to do what you need to do.

The more you practice those 5 steps in your mind, the more they become an automatic solution for you.

You don’t have to feel paralysed by anxiety, you can use those 5 STEPS to feel confident about your ability to do what you need to do to better prepare yourself for what you believe is coming.

With lots of love and care,


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