The leaves are falling down 🍂, days are getting shorter 🌒, and we’re diving deeper into an autumn season. 🍄

I’m curious…

Have you experienced a drop of energy in the past few weeks?

I’m honestly feeling quite depleted…taking care of a 6 months old baby, running a business and doing lots of things around the house make me feel… it’s REALLY the time to slow down and re-balance my energies.

If you can relate, then this Blog post is for the both of us. 🙌

Like with nature’s change of seasons, there is more time for being in autumn and winter and more time for doing in spring and summer.

We are nature’s reflection with our inner Feminine and Masculine Energies. Each of us has them both, yin (feminine) and yang (masculine). It has nothing to do with your gender.

Feminine energy is about being and feeling, it’s a creative and intuitive force.

Masculine energy is about doing and thinking, it focuses on planning and accomplishing goals.

Almost all of us are imbalanced to one side. Our task on the life’s journey is to open ourselves up to the opposite.

Developing your tenderness won’t make you weaker, much the opposite, it will make you more resilient and creative.

Developing your toughness won’t make you aggressive, much the opposite, it will make you feel confident and motivated.

You can start today re-balancing your energies with these practices:

For Feminine Energy:





For Masculine Energy:

Goals Setting




Don’t be afraid to bring out the more sensitive (yin) OR ambitious (yang) sides to your character.

It’s the only way to develop your true potential.

With lots of love,


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