Do you know this feeling of doing, doing, doing and just observing as your inner battery is going down… down…down…? 

This is what I’ve experienced in the last month and honestly needed a break to recharge, recenter, and refocus.

I’ve realized that after our baby Leo was born, I was on a constant “doing hamster wheel” – taking care of this little lovely human, taking care of the business, taking care of the house…and honestly taking a little care of my own being

I basically replaced all my favourite practices: yoga, hypnosis, mindful walks with more doing and expecting better results and better time efficiency. Silly, right?

It proved to be total nonsense contradicting nature’s three fundamental forces called in Hinduism, gunas.

Those 3 energies that require a cycle of Being – Doing – Having when flowing naturally through us, allow us to experience inspiration that leads to active determination that ends with true fulfillment. 

Whenever we try to push or neglect any of the energies (especially Being one), or change the cycle’s rhythm – we experience frustration, tension, anxiety, craving that lead to stuckness, heaviness, boredom or depression.

If you too are experiencing any of these feelings right now due to focusing too much on doing or having, ask yourself these questions:

  1. When was the last time I fully embraced the creative force of Being (being still and present, listening to your breath, being in creative flow, etc.)?
  2. Which Being practice will allow me to show up for myself today, and everyday (what’s light and fun)?

If you’re new to Being practices or simply open to new inspiration – make sure to check out these 15 Simple Pleasures to Reconnect to Yourself.

You’re a beautiful human BEING, not a human doing or human having. Remember this.

With love and lots of good energy,


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