Here it was again. Forty five minutes of complete mental blackout. 

Where did this time go?!

I only wanted to start a laundry machine and make one online payment before diving into focused work…45 minutes later, I was aimlessly scrolling through Instagram feed, buying books on Amazon, snacking, and checking out new boho dresses… Sounds familiar?

These ongoing temptations, distractions, and procrastinations… Who hasn’t given into them at some point followed by a salty taste of guilt?! 

To be honest with you, it was my reality 2 years ago. My breakthrough happened when I discovered that 95% of our thoughts, emotions and behaviours (yes, 95%!) are totally unconscious, and I learnt how to effectively communicate with my unconscious mind. 

You know this – The unconscious urge can be quite diabolical. It loves to rationalize (“just a little break”, “only one cookie”, “tomorrow” etc.)

What it ends up being is often wasting your precious time, energy, and jeopardising your progress.

So how to quickly deal with temptations and distractions to get your work done, and feel more in control and energised during your day?

Here are 3 simple strategies that you can start with:

Strategy #1: Breath deeply. Breath deeply a couple of times because you end up giving in to temptations and distractions when you act on them really quickly. Take a step back, put a hand on your heart, and ask yourself these 2 questions: 

  • What’s my intention here? 
  •  Is it how I want to spend my time and energy right now?

Strategy #2: Move away from temptations and distractions. Literally drop that phone, put aside the snack, close a web page…etc. Changing a chair or a room, and sitting there quietly for a few minutes will help you remember what your real goal is. Are you seeking clarity on your next business step? Are you working toward becoming more focused? Are you getting back in shape?….YOU NAME IT. Get back in touch with what is really important to you.

Strategy #3: Have a glass of water and think about something else. You may look outside the window or even better, take a powerful 10 minutes walk outside to re-energise your beautiful mind, body and soul.

Here you go – quick and sweet. 

You’re unique and your time on this planet is special. Use it the way you TRULY want it.

With lots of love and appreciative hug,


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