I was sitting inside a speeding train, afraid to leave it… 

Waking up in the morning feeling anxious and often overwhelmed… by the number of projects, emails, and commitments.


I was rushing and pushing through the day. But most days, I was only hitting a wall.

Until the pandemic struck all of us, and forced me to stop and get still… I knew something had to change.

But what?

I got those little nudges way before the pandemic. It was a sweet warm feeling around my chest ☺️…honestly, for years.

But I was too busy to pay attention.

Fear, resistance, inner-tension, uncertainty, anxiety, procrastination, you name it… – It wasn’t any different for me. 

Or maybe, I simply trusted my mental chatter more than my body.

I thought it was a waste of time.

It was silly.

It was just a dream.


Because deep down, I know I’ve been preparing for this moment my entire life.

As you probably have noticed, I took a longer break.

I needed to…

disconnect to reconnect,

create space for the new,

clear up my energy,

find the joy, again.


It’s been like coming back ‘home’. It’s been like: Being More Myself… joyful, energised, and in peace. 😌

Like with any big changes in life, there is rarely just one reason (though one thing may often seem as an impulse that takes us over the edge.)

For many of us, it’s been this pandemic.

What about you? What is your soul calling you to do?

You are a painter of your life. What canvas will you create? 

As I left that speeding train at the station, I finally found what I was looking for all this time…

to be continued…

With lots of love and good energy,


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